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Making Rental Property Management Easier

If you want to make rental property management easier then look no further than Ferris Property Management. We have proven systems in place and professionals on staff to ensure that your real estate investment is cared for and hassle-free. We’ll screen tenants, ensure the property is in prime condition, and make sure that are handled quickly. Most importantly, making sure that your investment is making financial success. Placing your trust in us will give you peace of mind. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

As a full-service Indianapolis area property management company, we offer both comprehensive and cost-effective property management solutions. Our team has established a higher standard for Indianapolis property management that is unsurpassed by our competition. We are not satisfied with the work we do unless you are satisfied. not only anticipate your complete satisfaction; we depend on it. In addition to full-service property management we also offer a la cart services based on your specific needs. Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

Marketing Your Property

To make sure that your property is occupied and earning you a return on your investment, we make a vigorous effort to market your property. Our full-service property marketing services include:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Professional Photos
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Showings
  • Lease Preparation
  • Move-in Inspection
  • Deposit Collection
  • First Month’s Rent Collection

Rental Analysis

A key component of marketing your property is knowing how much rent you can get for your investment. A market analysis from Ferris Property Management can help you and us make data-informed decisions about your rental property, including rate estimates and other information so can invest wisely in your property. With our analysis, you receive:

  • Optimized rental value for your property
  • Crucial insight into current market conditions
  • Projected cashflow from monthly rental value.

Screening Your Tenants

At Ferris Property Management, our experience has taught us that screening tenants correctly is a key process in ensuring that you lease to the best possible tenants for your property. By having the right tenant, you can expect they will care for the property and pay the rent on time. We utilize a tenant pre-qualification system that allows us to narrow down the right tenant pool. Then we thoroughly screen all tenants using our tested screening criteria to ensure that we get the most qualified tenant for your property. One thing that we seriously consider when screening tenants is their ability to pay rent and research their history as a tenant. The steps we take include:

  1. We verify the prospective tenant’s income and establish whether the tenant’s claims are true by verifying their income sources.
  2. We inquire about their history of employment to determine their ability to pay.
  3. We check the prospective tenant’s credit history and determine their credit score.
  4. We check if the tenant has a history of evictions because many times if a tenant has violated the terms of the lease once, they are likely to do it again.
  5. We check if the tenant has a history of delinquency by making it mandatory for tenants to provide us with references to their existing and prior landlords.
  6. We establish if the tenant has a criminal background to assess whether the applicant is a sexual offender.

Utilizing these methods have helped to make us successful in getting our clients’ properties filled with high-quality tenants – which means more high-quality, drama free tenants that are responsible, creditworthy, and pay on time.

Managing Your Property

At Ferris Property Management, our full-service property management services include:

  • Rent Collection
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Make Ready Coordination
  • Monthly Statements
  • Bill Payment
  • Move-in & Move-Out Inspections
  • Custom Reporting
  • Direct Deposit
  • Vendor Discounts

Watching Your Home

Home watch services can be described with a variety of names, such as house sitting, home caring, absentee owner or simply home watching. Ferris Property Management provides personalized walk-throughs of properties that may be required due to an absence of 30 days or longer. This is a valuable service for both rental property that is not occupied or vacation/short-stay properties without current guests. As a professional property management company, our home watch experts know what to look for, know what to do, and will perform a walkthrough designed to protect your home and reduce your energy cost. We customize our watch schedule to harmonize with yours.

Who needs Home Watch Services?

  • Seasonal residents
  • Vacation homes owners
  • New homeowners moving in at a later time
  • Owners of unoccupied property for rent or for sale
  • Out of State rental property owners
  • Deployed military personnel and remote assignments
  • Corporate housing and relocation programs.

Our Home Watch Services

  • We remove flyers, minor debris and empty your mailbox.
  • We look for water leaks at your water heater and other appliances.
  • We ensure proper seasonal settings for your water heater, furnace, and A/C.
  • We ensure proper seasonal settings for your irrigation system and turn on/turn off services.
  • We verify that doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • We look for signs of insects or animals.
  • We verify the condition of your air filters.

More About Ferris Property Management

To learn more about Ferris Property Management and why we are the best choice for property owners, visit our About Us page.

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